Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where I've been and some updates:

Sadly its been almost a month since I posted last. This is pathetic, I know. At least I admit it right?
Lately I've spent more time doing this off of the internet. I finished throwing all those "Empty Bowl Project" bowls. Our ceramic department had a goal of 400 bowls to donate BAM! we made more than 500. The sale will be March 2, 2012. I'll let you know how that goes.

I've started making ceramic tiles again! I have spent so much time on them that it killed me when the kiln errored, but I think I can live with the result.

Shop Update:
When I first started my Etsy shop it was a mother-daughter duo. My mother and I were to create pieces to sell together. I ended up starting without her. I have recently posted some of her items, but more to come soon. She works very hard on them, her attention to detail is superb.

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  1. the colors of the washcloths are so pretty!


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