Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shop Update: 9/8/2011

I thought I should update you on my shop, I've been talking about a lot of other things recently and I am sure... well hoping, that you want an update.

What has happened:
I have made 3 sales since stocking my store! I know that isn't a lot, but considering how I have not posted many items, it is very exciting to me. I have learned a lot about how Etsy works, and it is true that you cannot fully learn about it until you dive in. I have made many friends on Etsy and made some connections I hope to keep. The Etsy community has opened up and welcomed me in, I am thankful to all of them.

What the shop is currently:
Currently I have 6 silk scarves up for sale and 1 set of mini domino earrings. I have several sets of these earrings, but I think it would be rude if I posted all of the same item up on Etsy, I will just wait for these to sell.

What is to come:
MY CHICKENS! As soon as the show is finished I plan to put my chickens and other ceramic work up. I have a ton of items, I just can't post them until I go through everything and weigh it for the post office... agh, that does not sound fun.

Thanks for putting up with me.


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