Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I got screwed over

So as many of you know I recently went through hurricane Irene. My apartment is safer than most so we had a few people here to stay safe. My roommate, who I am VERY good friends with, knew a couple people who were stuck with no where to stay so we both said they could stay with us for a day. (They lived over an hour away) They stayed in our living room and spent the night. I kept my door locked the entire time they were there.

They ate my food

They left my apartment a mess

Broke my aquarium thermometer

Had sex on my sheets when both were dating other people


They left the cases and took all of the disks. I didn't realize until today because my boyfriend had taken the cases into my room to keep safe. I assumed he checked the cases because at the time I was in the bathroom feeling very sick. I was cleaning today and was moving them back to the living room when I noticed.

I normally trust people, I am not blindingly trusting, but I tend to think people are generally good. I don't want to loose this view.

I just had to get that all out. Thank you for listening.

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