Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reflection on my Senior 1

So as some of you know I completed my senior 1 internship this spring semester.  I just a matter of months I will begin my senior 2 internship where I spend everyday in the classroom with the students.  

             In starting my senior year as an art education major I have to admit, I was a little nervous.  I was scared of the paper work, the expectations being made of me, breaking the rules, the teachers, and even… the kids.  The meeting I first attended about my senior 1 didn’t help these fears of mine.  But as soon as I sat down in the elementary school art classroom I felt that I was at home.  Once I immersed myself in the activities I realized that this really was the place I was supposed to be. 

            I may not have always responded correctly or taken as many notes as I probably should have; but I feel that immersing myself in the classroom culture, in getting to know each child, I grew in my understanding of the teaching profession and myself.  I did the best job I knew how and my comprehension of teaching expanded so much that I don’t believe I could have gotten to this point without being in the classroom this past semester.

            In the elementary school I felt more comfortable and in control.  I was constantly moving around, teaching, assisting, and never staying in the same place for very long, whereas in the high school classroom I first didn’t know how to manage my time properly.  I found myself wondering around the room looking for something to do, someone that needed or wanted help.  Unlike the elementary school, these students wanted to be individual about their work, often keeping to themselves.  By the end of the semester I was able to better point out the students in need of guidance and during my “wondering time” was able to better assess what was going on in the classroom as a whole. 
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