Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shop Delays & Costumer Freebies

Its been so long since I've last updated you! We've had a a ton of advancements, but a few set backs. We purchased tags to go inside of our bags, somewhat branding them. The tags were lost in the mail and we've been super busy. As soon as I get them sewn in I'll post a picture.

I've also make a few freebies for our future customers, one of which are some cute upcycled magnets. Sorry for the poor quality, I was taking a quick picture for my mom .

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  1. The magnets are super-cute! I love upcycled items. And I love that you're a mom/daughter duo. Our shop is a family effort too...Working together makes it more fun. =)
    Good pics - I don't think they're poor in quality. I can still see the design just fine.


Thank you so much for the comment!